I honestly don't know anymore. I'm fandom, I'm hipster, I'm sj, and I'm nsfw. Really.

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talking about ur fav character like 


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you’re my rock…my dwayne….my johnson

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do you ever just look at a famous person and think

the amount of immoral things i would do to bang you is getting out of hand

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Kissing Fic Meme


Send me one of the following numbers + a ship and i’ll whip up a drabble for you about any of the following:

1: Hot, Steamy kiss
2: Cheek Kiss
3: Nose Kiss
4: Forehead Kiss
5: Firm Kiss
6: Gentle Peck
7: Romantic Kiss
8: Eyelid Kiss
9: Jawline Kiss
10: Neck Kiss

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Jeremy Renner for Menswear Magazine, 2010.

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You cannot be always torn in  t w o. You will have to be  o n e  and  w h o l e,  for many years. You have so much to  e n j o y  and to be, and to  d o.

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