I honestly don't know anymore. INTP, as far as I can tell.

I'm fandom, I'm hipster, I'm sj, and I'm nsfw. Really.

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So, I’m a bit of a textiles and clothing/costume construction junkie. With that in mind I’d like to ask that we all just take a moment to lust after appreciate Eames’ suit coat and its red lining.  In an otherwise dark ensemble it is a burst of colour.  And the only way that you’d know that that red is there? Is if he opens his coat.  If he undresses just a little bit.  It’s things like this that are part of the reason why I can’t get on board with the fanon that Arthur hates the way he dresses.  If Eames isn’t masterfully decked out in a mixture of textures and colours then his clothes are a Victorian tease of what have I got hiding under this layer of fabric.  It doesn’t matter if it’s just skin or another layer, because either way it’s a heady mixture of coy secret and dirty thrill between him and whoever gets to undress him.

No, Arthur doesn’t hate Eames’ sense of fashion.

Arthur fucking loves it.

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Did you know? The entire hallway scene in Inception was unscripted. The hallway randomly began spinning around and the actors just went with it.

THAT is one of the many reasons it’s a masterpiece.

Did you know that the actors didn’t even realise they were on set? They thought they were just checking into a hotel and then shit started spinning all over the place. Crazy stuff. THAT is another reason why Inception is a masterpiece and Christopehr Noalan is the greatest directer of all time

Did you know? None of the actors even knew they were being filmed. The entire movie was unscripted, and the stagehands kept drugging the actors and moving them from set to set,   trapping them inside and filming their reactions. Crazy stuff.

Did you know the actors didn’t even know they were actors? The crewmen just followed them everywhere and told them they were newsreaders. Crazy stuff.

Did you know this isn’t even a movie? All of us just had the same dream. Amazing.

does it even get any deeper than this

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arthur/eames. my favorite otps are the long-suffering ones.

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I’m so happy


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I love this fandom

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Title: Waiting On
Author: thehoyden
Rating: M
Summary: “French toast, pancakes, steak and eggs — I could make you anything in the world, pet, but no. Egg-white omelette, morning after morning. It shows a distinct lack of imagination.” (Diner!Au)

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